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Anddd, this, I guess, is more for the people I know and writing what I feel and see and experience.

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There are SO MANY fees to applying to vet school. Application fees, processing fees, supplemental fees. This and that. Why are they so annoying and picky. 


I’m having a panic attack honestly. Like holy shit I might as well pay someone to run around and do this for me because I’m already dishing hundreds of dollars.

Can someone just hire me for an office job that pays well. I’ll be an awesome worker, I swear. 

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I’m flying home in a few hours, and I’m kind of nervous because the weather has been ridiculous and there hasn’t been the happiest of news going around because of it.

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Today was suchhh a good and busy day.
I rearranged reorganized repainted removed replaced everything in my room today.
It finally feels like home.
I’ll probably post room pictures later.

The aquarium had $1 admission today so I went to go because it was such a good price.
The lines were fucking ridiculous.

The circle is where the hidden entrance is which you can kinda see the line wind all the way up to.
And fifty percent of the line I couldn’t fit into the picture.

Anyway. I’m really liking how this semester has started.
Meeting people is easier and fun.
I’m more calm and open minded about things.
I feel happy.
I’m starting to enjoy the little things that matter more and trying really hard to not stress over certain things and situations.

And I started P90X with James last week.
We’ve been doing the “Lean Workout” everyday since.
My. Body. Feels. So Sore. But so amazing.
Every single day a new muscle hurts.
I don’t think I’ve worked out so hard like this in years but it’s so nice for some reason.
We also made a little promise to ourselves to not eat fast food for atleast a month. And spend all that money we used to spend to try new local food places around here.

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I think… the highest grade I can get in Biology right now is an 89.407%.
Fucking a. Those stupid clicker questions.
Why am I even studying in the library right now because BASICALLY a 79.99% = 89.407%. B. Ughhhhhhh.

I got an A in Statistics though. I guess that’s nice.

James and I are planning to attempt P90X after Christmas break or workout multiple times at the gym every week. Lol. OURBODIESWILLBESTEEL. But I don’t want to get too muscular. Just fit and sexy.

I’m just tired of wearing sweats and feeling uncomfortable about my body.

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I’m supposed to be studying for Statistics.

Or more like reteaching myself everything that I was supposed to already know this semester but my professor speaks in a super quiet Spanish accent that I can’t understand. He’s really nice though.
But honestly.
Anyway. I just finished watching both Batman movies.

I’m getting new glasses for Christmas or by using whatever I have left from my financial aid.
It’s been I think over three years that I’ve had these, and I’m kinda ready for a change, even if it’s only a small one.

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You know.

I’m not having trouble meeting people here but sometimes I just wish I had a best friend. Not how ever many acquaintances. Just someone to go around town to do whatever talk about whatever laugh about whatever.

Just someone to go to.
And it’s difficult to call people because either I’m busy or they’re busy.

I’m just frustrated about a lot of things and sometimes the people you’re frustrated with aren’t the best to be around even if sometimes they’re the only person/people there.

I really feel like I want to fucking cry and scream and yell but that’s really really irrational. So I’m just going to do nothing.

Well, Julia wanted to hang out tonight, so I’ll probably do that instead.

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I had my first confined in-water scuba lesson today which was close to five hours long. I am so. exhausted. All the taking off and putting back on of all the gear is a little tedious at first. But when you forget about the cold water getting inside your wetsuit and your stomach growling or the water that was seeping into your goggles, it is really, really amazing being underwater and being able to breathe. I can’t imagine how it will feel being in the middle of the ocean. It’s all so exciting and beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

But right now, I would love to just lay down and have a nice long relaxing massage and maybe put in a good movie. And maybe a burger or something ridiculously flavorful and delicious also because I am so hungry and rice isn’t so satisfying.

Anyway, I’m going to go see a play in a little bit with my roommate and another friend so that should be fun.

Oh, and Mo, I assume you’re drunk when you call at like 3-4 in the morning. So I just shake my head and put it on silent and go back to sleep. No offense though, lol. :)

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a-dang replied to your post: Today is disposable.

whatevs. watch you become the better marine biologists and the others work in the zoo. scooping poop. that’s all.

Amanda Dang, I love you.
You’re right. I’m not going to dumb myself down for anybody.

I hope you’re doing wellll. :)

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Today is disposable.

I was on hold while my manager looked for my schedule, but the phone accidently hung up.

Hi thank you for calling how may I help you?
Hello, I was wondering if I could talk to the manager, Amanda?
She’s not in.
… I was just on the phone with her actually and I hung up by accident.
Ugh… okay. Let me get her.
Hi, this is Amanda. You don’t need to work today, k bye.

I didn’t really have a good day to begin with, and little things like this just suck for some reason.
I hate working there. I just hate walking into a workplace where I don’t feel comfortable or welcome, and everybody just seems they’re already so close and I came out of nowhere.

My biology exam grade was shit. Well. I passed, but I know I could’ve done so much better.
I’m trying really hard to make good grades, but I feel like I have to actually dumb myself down to feel accepted.
I got a C and this girl was all excited and asked if my A went down.
Yes, as a matter of fact, it did. It’s so great.

I have so much to say, but I don’t feel like burdening you guys with me complaining about every stupid detail.

Fuck, I feel like crying.

I guess to make light of my day, I came home and my roommate received a care package from her mom, and she got me a little Halloween bag filled with candy.

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